Welcome to the War Game Wikia*Edit

Hello everyone, and welcome to War Game! Feel free to take a peek at our array of weaponry and players in this wikia. Don't forget to join the War Game Wikia and become a part of our game!

*War Game Wikia has changed its official name into Eternal Warfare Wikia, as such, this wiki will no longer be used. Go to We are sorry for the inconvinience.

Rules and WarEdit

Here, you play with other users on this wikia. All battles will be under watch by me and you all have to be given permission by me or an admin.

Rules to follow:

  2. Overpowered units are prohibited
  3. Hacking in any form will not be tolerated
  4. Unit description, Clan Name, Capital, and UNITS are a MUST.
  5. Godlike weaponry or specials are absolutely prohibited.
  6. Lasers are not allowed.
  7. Invulnerable shields are prohibited from use.
  8. Biochemical weapons of any kind will result in complete weapon confiscation.

Latest activity.Edit

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